Live Shows at the All New Broward County Fair

Live shows every day at the all new Broward County Fair 2021 – now in the City of Margate. Scroll down to see this years lineup of entertainment, exciting shows for the whole family – no extra cost, all included with the price of admission!


Motorcycles defy gravity as  they race around the inside of a steel cage globe, coming within inches of each other in this death-defying act. 

Aquatic Acrobatic Show

Never seen before in the U.S.A. 5 generations of the most talented performers will amaze you with world class acts including – living mermaids, the springboard maneuver, aqua bola feats and Jet Ski riding. A 30-minute feature-show, we can guarantee that you will have a great time at the event!

Goat Island

Goat Island combines all the appeal and enchantment of a traditional petting zoo with an impressive and continuous display of goats climbing and cavorting on towers and bridges. You can meet, feed, and pet, these awesome goats.

Banana Derby

See “America’s Favorite Monkey Jockeys” –  Very funny, monkey jockeys race on the back of clever dogs each day of the fair.

The Benjamin Jackson Comedy Hypnosis Show

The Benjamin Jackson Comedy hypnosis show –  where the audience volunteer to come up on stage to get hypnotized and comedy routines are performed with the volunteers. Hypnosis is a state of body and mind brought in by the power of suggestion.

YC Dance Experience

A high-energy dance show featuring Young Corbz from Virginia Beach VA. Dancing to Michael Jackson, Neyo, Chris Brown, Usher, James Brown and more. His show makes everyone want to dance with his amazing moves, professional lighting and smoke machine.